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   Alicia Robbins is an Los Angeles based union Director of Photography. She graduated with a MFA in Cinematography from AFI in 2003 and joined the union as an operator in 2007. She is one of the award recipients of the prestigious Emerging Cinematographer Award for 2018 from the Cinematographer's Guild for her work on the short Internet Gangsters.  She is currently the full time alternating DP for the ABC show, Grey's Anatomy for season 16 as well as the upcoming season 17, having shot already 11 episodes for this legendary show. One of the episodes she DP'd, "Silent All These Years", episode 1519, has been praised as being one of the most powerful episodes in Grey's Anatomy history. Alicia has also served as the Additional DP for another Shonda Rhimes show For the People (Season 2) for ABC working under Christian Sebaldt, ASC. She has shot 9 features and numerous commercials, documentaries, and music videos. Her next feature, Babysplitters is due to release in July 2020, which won Best Feature Film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Best Comedy Feature at the San Diego International Film Festival and received a raving review in Variety Magazine, listing Alicia's cinematography as "sparkling"The Wedding Invitation, feature film, won Best Romantic Comedy at the 2016 Manhattan Film Festival and Best Comedy at Burbank International Festival and is currently available on Amazon and VOD.  In addition to her cinematography, Alicia has worked as the lead DP for Driving Plates, a 360 plate company that specializes in 360 capture of driving and background footage for VFX elements and B-roll. Such projects that she has shot for include Creed II,  The Irishman, Tag, The Post, SWAT, Scorpion, and many more. Alicia was also involved with 3D filmmaking, working as a rig tech and engineer for films such as Step Up Revolution and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

    Over the past 15 years, Alicia has endeavored to be a well-rounded DP working in the scripted world and has also developed solid skills in impro-style filmmaking that has flooded the entertainment industry. She has found that the combination of her skills, including knowledge of up-to-date technology and her versatility in creative styles, strengthens her work on any type of production.

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